Friday, October 3, 2008


Brief Introduction:

The Enlightening Shabad, the World -Incarnate of the ten Gurus, is the emancipator of humankind and the Khalsa Panth, the Body-Incarnate of Guru's spirit, is duty bound for sweet labor of love, to take its Light to every burdened heart of this universe. Before the victory of Guru's ideal is established over this world, Its enchanting fragrance must inebriate every soul, Its soothing light must enlighten every heart and Its divine celestial music, the Naad must find a fount, its Pargaas, in every bosom.
The Shabad, being the creator, is capable of blessing all the myriad situations that mankind comes to face in this wonder of space and time. The complete realization of the Shabad, being verily impossible, the modern Sikhs are left to interpret it with a variety of situations in the background. Different Sikh groups are trying to realize this ideal in a variety of ways, each limited in its own manner.
At the one end of the spectrum are those that receive inspiration from the glorious Sikh history but are incapable of acting in the modern world. Though they have preserved parts of our religious tradition well, the abhor modernity and are incapable of initiating a dialogue with the dominating truths of this age. As a result, the modern generation either completely rejects them, or shows a hesitating respect for the symbols they carry. At the other extreme of the spectrum other Sikh groups, mostly founded in the last century are trying to evolve a system of Sikh thought based merely on the interpretations of the sacred Sikh scripture. Their approach, like that of the modern age, is logical and reasonable, but they lack faith in history and are incapable of any intuitive flight beyond the five senses. No group has been able to strike a balance between the glory of the past and the modern life based on a cosmic interpretation of the Guru Granth Sahib that would have in its perfection a place for everyone's best. All the dimensions of the ancient, the tradition and the modern mind needs to be given place in a system that is needed to be evolved to fill up these gaps.
Naad Pargaas is endeavoring to interpret the human act in the realization of the Shabad. Every positive act and every evil inclination since the dawn of human civilization, needs to be interpreted from the viewpoint of of Sikh spirit. Naad Pargaas has set upon this Herculean task of creating such a group of scholars rooted int he spiritual tradition, that would give words to the Sikh vision of the world. Naad Pargaas, with unflinching faith and the diligence of its young scholars would try and evolve original thought on Sikh art, architecture, philosophy, sociology, music, mathematics, literature, sciences, poetry sports, and other such realms of life. Over a period of few decades, a culture of spiritual interpretation of various phenomena will develop, be acceptable and swamp the country and then the world. Sikh scholars would be interpreting Ram and Mohammad in the light of the Shabad.
After developing such a Sikh research methodology, basic treatises on these subjects will be written in light of spiritual revelation. Thus would be sown the seeds of a Sikh Civilization that would stand taller than and be open to the Aryan and Semitic civilizations.

courtsey; surinderpal singh (bombay, doing P.hd. in maths)

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